This adorable pooch is Aspen. Here's what her mom tells us about her:

    She'll be two at the end of July. She is a lab mix living in Oxford, Mississippi. I adopted Aspen 2 days before she was headed to the shelter at 5 weeks old. At 92 lbs, Aspen is nothing but a big baby. Aspen is the best of friends and has been with me for all adventures since I got her. Aside from playtime with other pups, Aspen loves to go on long hikes daily and you will find her in the nearest source of water refusing to get out, or begging you to throw her ball or stick so she can play fetch for hours. My favorite thing about Aspen is her loyalty as well as her big brown eyes and goofy personality.

    I wouldn’t trade the responsibilities of raising a dog for anything in the world, Aspen has shown me the definition of loyalty and companionship as she truly is wo(man)’s best friend. You won't find her far from my side.