Early ☀️🌇 MeccaGoji wa kaiju dayo. Otaku janai

    Been sooooo busy here in NYC!! Just wanted to shout out the #TSUfamily once again for riding with #The8App. Thank you guys for your patience as we grow. I love that you guys all hopped on 8 to help build. There's not enough hours in the day to say thanks and like your posts back. Usually I catch up on the weekend but just know each time you stop by to like my stuff. I see it. And I'm grateful. Much love guys!! Shouts to: @narber @sardart @lovewarriors @adriano @cecicecilia @jumowa @8 @XxSweetCharlottexX @grithermann @Katarina @Thais @EricWarren @JediBret @nanda @thirty8 @fabio26 @edo @loconinja @DOORB13 @A4xh @DigitalmindAI @Skyleap @TheOfficialAndrew @DSpiize @melinda010100 @dexterroona & the super awesome @Zoolander. I haven't forgotten about you guys! Just a Lil busy but keep going. Keep posting. Keep sharing. Keep building!!!

    New to 8! @Minjicho !! ⭐️ Cancer Survivor ⭐️ Entrepreneur ⭐️ Maxim Mag Model ⭐️ & An Inspiration! #8family & #TsuFamily please follow her She is awesome!!