I’ve been reading a novel called “Tell Me More” by Kelly Corrigan. In the book, she walks us through the 12 hardest things she has learned to say (“No”, “I was wrong”, etc). Phrases we can all relate to. It made me reflect on life mantras I’m trying my best to live by, one being “Would I expect this of anyone else?” I’m hard on myself- I try to do it all, all of the time. When I don’t have my ducks in order, I get frustrated that I can’t seem to manage it all. I’ve been working hard at taking the pressure off and accepting the (very) imperfect “balance” of life- finding time for me, my children, my husband, my friends, and the thousand other things on my list. If you feel this way too, I challenge you to begin using this mantra and simply - everything else will be OK, and will fall into place. #tellmemore #penguinrandomhouse #ad #TellMeMore #ad #RandomHouse #ad