I’ve always been a seeker, a dreamer,

    looking to grow as a person, as a leader.

    We have so much potential unfulfilled,

    just imagine what we can build.

    Global health is my passion, equity for all,

    Transcending all differences, big and small.

    But social change can’t be achieved on one’s own,

    just imagine our strength when we’re not alone.

    So let’s start a collaboration, a conversation,

    full of creation, inspiration, innovation.

    That’s all we need, and in return,

    just imagine what we can learn.

    This is a once in a lifetime opportunity,

    so let’s see where these ideas take me.

    New York, new people, so much to uncover,

    just imagine what we can discover.

    Just imagine.


    My name is Dinesh and I am a medical student with a passion for global health. As someone aspiring to be a leader in the global health space in Australia, and who wants to make a real difference to the way we view 'health equity', the opportunity afforded by the Global Discovery Program truly excites me!

    Presenting my application for the Monash Global Discovery Program New York City 2017

    #monashdiscovery #justimagine