Finally sprouted those lentils!! Sprouted lentils, radishes, green pepper, ginger, quinoa .. gonna top it off with my homemade Honey Mustard Dressing

    If you don't want to read the entire story, you can scroll down to the "interesting part here" _______________________________ Between the laundromat and Key Food there is a big white bin standing there waiting for bags of clothes to be donated. Every time I have a bag of clothes I don't need/want, or don't fit into - I donate them!! ✌🏻 This one time I had a particularly interesting experience because within the same day I saw who my clothes had went to. When I had first gotten to the bin, I saw that it was full and there were bags laying on the floor so I parked my two bags of clothes beside those on the sidewalk. I went home to wait for the laundry to finish. INTERESTING PART HERE: As I was walking back to the laundromat, I saw a bunch of punk/traveler/grungy looking people (I think some were even barefoot) ripping open the bags of donated clothes and looking through stuff! I walked passed them walking into the laundromat next door, the laundry was not yet finished, so I went to the bench and looked out the window to see one of the girls taking something I had put in the bag. It was this vintage lace shirt that someone gifted to me (my moms old healer) when I was younger. It all went full circle. The thing is, I live in South Brooklyn and I've never seen people that resemble the dudes on Saint marks place in this neighborhood! In Manhattan I wouldn't be that surprised; I live in an old Italian American neighborhood that's slowly transitioning into an Asian one, so you could imagine how quiet it could be. #story #fullcircle #life #the8app #8 #infinity #circle