My mind full of scattered thoughts
    Words are filtered because I know the cost
    Emotions and hidden actions because I'm tired of feeling the loss
    I'm not here to be caught
    Teach me a lesson don't just tell me I'm wrong
    Why is it too much to ask to not be drug along
    Exhausted with the constant movement having to be gone
    Like its my fault nobody chooses to speak about things we can agree upon
    So I always have my defensive perspectives like weapons drawn
    Labled ugly duckling since I started acting like the white swan
    Nice to meet you, I'm beautiful phenomenon

    Keep facing toward the future
    Take every regret with a little bit of humor
    Life's quite the bitch, I wish luck trying to swoon her Looking for a better understanding of this moon and earth
    Can't say I'm quite alive but I've grown a bit since birth
    I'm not perfect but I understand my own worth
    Till I ride to my bed of dirt in a hearse
    The way I think isn't quite natural to this universe
    Kinda lost and locked up, concerned introvert
    Absurd observer, my own self learner
    Follow heart and you'll never go further
    When you start to drown, first thing you look for is a life preserver
    Self procrastionation is a different kind of bodily murder
    Generalized anxiety disorder
    Manic mental panic, with all sorts of sleep missfortune
    Awkward with social contortions
    Up ahead there's always a fork in the road, every path has importance 
    Wiped the chip off my shoulder it's just extra load
    Only what makes you stronger is what should be exposed
    Keep an open mind like how a sponge is absorbent
    Pratice what you preach, rewind and press repeat
    Make it so every time you stand those who knocked you down fall to their seat
    Take away things people think they believe
    Wanted but lonely
    Not your one and only
    I'm quite bitter, stop with the sugar coating
    From now on I unmotivate scapegoating
    Let words be the only part of you people are withholding
    Saying it in bold, say more than proud
    Running around doing more shit than aloud
    Selfishness can have a beautiful meaning
    Sticking to your own doesn't sound so bad as it used to seem
    What it would mean to find a place to sit back and breathe
    Something to show you more than your capabilities
    An answer for all these vulnerable instabilities
    Why when I try to change nobody's hearing me
    You could say magic is a little more then needed
    Or the touch of an artist to paint a mask to proceed in
    I've asked more questions in my life then I've given answers
    Not anymore certain that means any sort of mental assertions
    Hiding away from unwanted disturbances
    Im always trying to find a cure for all of life's cancers
    When nobody else rarely even seems to have any manners
    Guess it's time to say fuck it and leave my questions unanswered
    Oh yeah and step off with your standards
    You now can call me the Phantom
    Won't live life with anyone in tandem
    Darkness has never made me feel abandoned
    Forgetting about everything I used to stand with
    What I stand for now is my only companion
    I guess everyone feels a bit stranded
    Stumbling through life, no feet planted
    Trying to find some clean air with this world's oxygen so rancid
    Hard to get past those things took for granted
    Because of those single handed romantics
    Maybe I'll never understand anything about this planet
    Not even anything greater then the moon or even my own panics
    Brains always heated like I over ran it
    The misunderstandings make it hard to explain shit
    Keeping up with not biting my tounge and lip
    Stronger because I stand back up after every trip
    Getting self explanatory, my open words now slip
    I laugh at life's censorship, feeling left out and banished
    How do you vanish
    After all your accidental damage
    Later is never better than sooner 
    Guess every part of my life will be lead with humor
    Facing towards the future

    You better judge me cautiously
    Don't underestimate my modesty
    Honesty should be quantity over quality
    When you think all you got isnt good enough
    Smile and put up them fisticuffs
    Show them everything your made of
    If anyone makes you feel like a second option
    Never second guess and drop them
    Give advise not heart, words don't need to be mended
    Or even fully comprehended
    But I won't be sorry if you get offended
    Be real with me, I'm not pretending
    Used to only to see the good, now all I assume is the worst
    Constant struggle to remind even myself who comes first
    Let them strike once instead of getting to third
    Because I'm the only one who understands how much it hurts
    Nobody knows the shit I've had to deal with
    Keep saying I'm an extremist
    When I'll be forever fighting demons
    Fucking wish I could live life dreamless
    So I wouldn't have to be sleepless
    Perfection always begins seamless
    Missunderstandings becoming more then inconvenient
    People always in dissagreement
    Acting like what they do is a misdemeanor
    Working on my own grass to be greener
    Stopping whatever makes me weaker
    I'll keep moving forward even if it's just by millimeters
    Now I'm not a professor of preaching
    It's your choice to listen to what I'm speaking
    It's okay to admit your still healing
    Strength doesn't come from concealing
    It's coming to terms with releasing true opinionated feelings
    I'm done with competing against lifeless meaning
    At least I always have myself to keep believing
    No more mistakes repeated in these new self proceedings
    Haven't come across many companionable beings
    Still trying to figure out what I'm seeking
    But I know everytime I turn around there's more things behind I'm leaving