This video is my video for the #MonashDiscovery Program New York City 2017. They asked us "Where will your ideas take you?" and I thought: #Justimagine if I could be ambassador of Colombia to the world. Being Colombian in the world can be challenging when the majority of people associates you with cocaine, Pablo Escobar or Narcos (the Netflix series), but for us Colombians, our country is way more than that. However, the discourse should not be limited to the image of Colombia and its reputation. It actually is an issue about the role drugs are playing in the lives of millions of people in the world. This is everyone's problem; from Colombia and the direct impact of a war fuelled by drugs separating families from their lands (just to name one consequence), to countries like Australia where young generations are getting more and more seduced by the fake charms of drugs. My dream of being an ambassador of Colombia to the world is not a diplomatic or political one; #JustImagine if I could help educate young minds and spark hope in them to choose life, not drugs and choose a different future for them and others affected. But that will only be possible if drug users become aware of what is behind and the beauty trapped in the clutches of drug production. That's where my ideas will take me.