September 14, 1972 Reading in San Francisco.

    I'm a small fry in the big world, I make wearable art, tailored to each and every individual that asks. I have a very specific aesthetic that Gucci , has decided to hijack for it's latest collection premiered two days ago in Westminster Abbey. I stand as one person counter to the exploitative nature of the fashion industry and it's relentless turn over of people and money. I can't fight back using their system. It would be doomed to failure , so I've decided to go about this the creative way by staging an exhibition of paintings of my friends and customers wearing my wearable art as a way of claiming my aesthetic . The one day event will be a day of performance, protest and poetry, including lots of colour and diversity . Real people, real art and real heart. The link above is for a fundraiser effort to help secure some money to stage this event. Any help is graciously accepted. #fuckfashion #fuckgucci