This is my first day on this app. At first I was like...oh joy! Another social media app....kill joy....but I'm still investigating and my divine opinion of this app has yet to be decreed. I will give it a fair chance. I found this app because of this video... I know and adore many indie hip hop artist. I hope to see them on this app and in the team back pack online auditions soon. In the meantime I will browse...if you are an indie hip hop artist send me you 🎶 music! I will tell you the truth about what I think. But beware 💀... my grandmother taught me that "if you don't have anything good to say, then don't say anything thing at all." So if you send me something and I don't say anything then either I have nothing good to say, or I'm only human and I missed your stuff! I welcome direct messages on all my social medias if you wish to know for sure. ALL of my content is public on all my medias, im a real and regular person, so trolls are not welcomed but my grandmother also taught me that every Stranger could be a friend you just haven't met yet! So I'm a friendly ole gal!! (Funny I've referred to my dead 💀 grandmother twice now {hey granny barnett!} and these days I'm a grandmother 👵 too! Who happens to be a middle age white woman who loves hiphop like the Cookie Monster loves cookies!!)