As part of Monash Universities Global Discovery Program I present; Journalism: Be the change. 

    I believe that today, journalism; with the help of the current state of social media and the digital world, is a powerful tool to bring a change to the world. 

    Journalists are responsible for spreading messages on what is important to the world, and when people listen and hear it, they respond and act accordingly. 

    If we are shown live footage of a war, real stories of children sex slaves, the lives of the refugees etc, a majority of people will feel the need to fix what is happening. 

    It is only when the masses agree that a change needs to occur that change will occur. 

    And journalists will help spread the message on what needs to be fixed, and how we can all join together to fix it. 

    I truly believe in the power of journalism and that is why I want to be a journalist. 

    We need to begin to sell our stories like businesses sell their products. We need the important news to begin to matter, rather than what Kim Kardashian ate for breakfast. 

    Journalism has always led to change occurring, and showing the truths about our world. Journalism today is still just as important, however the mainstream media often focus on prominent, relevant stories rather than those that matter on the other side of the world. 

    Although they are on the other side of the world, they are still relevant. Any injustice is an injustice to the world. 

    Being shown these injustices will make people want to change what is happening. 

    And only then can we be the change. 

    Many feel that a change will only occur by those in power; but I believe in the power of the masses. 

    And journalists will join those masses. 

    I will join those masses. 

    Thank you. 

    Gina Cerasiotis