Ok, so I"m a little late posting this. I wanted to do it on Monday but just never got around to it. Better late than never I guess. So...lately I have been dealing with a lot of internal emotions. Emotions all over the place. I can't get into why, but they are real and they are hard to understand. But this past week I have been around some great people and I want to thank them all personally. Your presence in my life lately has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. I've needed it more than you know. Jennifer & Jeff, thank you so much for the time we spent together at your house the other night. My heart felt so full being there with you both. Jenn, you know you mean the world to me and our time together is special. Thank you for dinner, it was soooooo good. Game time was fun and I really enjoyed myself. Lisa, thank you for being available for me to come hang out at your house for a little bit to spend time with Chris. I always enjoy quality time with you and enjoyed being able to play Watch Ya Mouth some before we all had to leave. You are an amazing sister! Heather, girl, I so appreciate the opportunity to work with you a few times a week. I'm glad I could be there to help you out and take some of the load off your shoulders on the cleans. We have good conversations sometimes and I really enjoy that. I know you are always going to be here for your big sis should I need you and I want you to know I appreciate you and think you are pretty special. Chad, we don't get to hang out much but know that you taking the time to take me for a ride on your motorcycle this past week meant a lot to me. Just knowing that I was feeling down and offering before I even asked, to take me for a ride meant a lot to me. I love riding on motorcycles and being able to do it with my brother was even better. I love you so much! Don't ever forget it. Christopher, I have missed having you around so much. I hope I didn't get on your nerves too much while you were home, wanting to spend so much time with you. It didn't work out as often as I would've liked, but I'm thankful for the couple days I did get to spend with you. Thank you for allowing us the time to have brunch together at Jimmy's. We tried to have other siblings come too, but I'm thankful for the alone time between brother and sister. It was nice to enjoy each other, talk and just hang out. Theresa, mom, thank you for ALWAYS being there for me. Thank you for opening up your home for the birthday party so that we could all get together at the same time and make memories. I know this is what you love to see and I needed it! Lately I've felt down and out, emotionally. I have needed this time with those that I feel closest too. And last week, so many of you included me in your lives and time. Family is EVERYTHING to me. Anyone who TRULY knows me, knows that this is fact! I would spend every minute I have with family if it was possible. I never want to leave at family functions but continue to be there making memories. It's mostly been because I don't want to go home to silence and occupying myself. So THANK YOU to each and every one of you in my life for touching my life in one form or another this past week! This post is not even close to expressing my gratitude and how big my heart was filled. I love you all so very much!!! Sorry for the long, sappy post! It's easier to post it this way than to try and tell each person individually. I want the world to know how important these people are to me and how they have helped mold me into the person I am today.