Are you who you want to be?
    Are you yourself,
    Or does yourself seem so hard to see.
    Fight unseen between yourself you want no one else to see.
    Leaving a shell for the ones who want you to meet, your hard to reach.
    Quiet mouth, loud mind left with yourself to think.

    Thinking of yourself as seen in an image depicted by those around you.
    Picked at and on by yourself until you question you.
    The person you wish to be?
    Or are you your parents, stepping in their feet.
    Bottle after bottle until we're left with our feet,
    In dirt.
    Lack of funds for a home, but worse.
    Not only you but with the family you hurt.
    Blaming others for your problems, with their blood on your shirt.
    Hard to be yourself when they shook the person you were.

    Lack of confidence,
    Its ominous how much were brought up to be down.
    Look up, its hard to make someone smile when its you who frowns.
    Hard to make someone happy when your not happy with who you are now.

    Need to work on you and you alone.
    Sounds hard but its for you to grow.

    Be you and person you want to be,
    Do what you want to do in life and grow like a tree.
    Let each leaf that falls be a reminder of what you used to see.