This one is exclusive, and only for The 8 app.
    And dedicated to the people that misunderstand and hate rap.
    I defend the art with bars, no need for any mishaps.
    Not when all they're saying is a bunch of irrelevant yip yap.
    I could start rattling on about how the 9 will go "click clack".
    Take em out without a care and no worries of any kick back.
    But from where I sit high, it really isn't worth the time.
    To do anything more than just kick em some sick rhymes.
    This music that we love, to say the least, is an art form.
    Used to tell tales of what we've been through and where we came from.
    Some have had it easy, so they don't know the struggle.
    Of what it's like payin bills strictly with the art of the hustle.
    Makin more foes than friends lookin over shoulder when bushes rustle.
    And having to always keep a lighter for a fist pack in case of a rumble.
    But now our musical love is gettin destroyed by the mumbles.
    Might have to refer back to lines four and five, and fix it, just slump em.