Wait a minute, lets back track Who's in this to win it? Team backpack Ima stay in this till I finish, weighin in this with my diminished, rap tasks Facts smashed, while I'm laughin at, these fakers, these sad saps, who practice for like a week then think they're already ready, to tear up a mic? Hah, feel the backlash you fat chaps, Can't get to the top without real rhymes that can't be stopped, so stand back yeah mine can't be topped, feel that? That's what it feels like when you got real rhymes in every line So lemme steal that mic, so you can feel that hype Real ripe fights goin on this real right guy, so stand as aside, or else you gonna have to try to put out this light A task that can't be done Go ahead ask, anybody will to you to run I'm just writing this for fun You don't even wanna know what it's like when I actually try, this fights just begun And I've already won