The Venice Bienalle 2017 was a great disappointment. Thankfully the ever reliable Japanese pavilion was a success , along with the New Zealand, Russian and Swiss which a emotional film about Giacometti's lover and her untold life . But overall it was boring, obvious and try hard. It amazes me that artists still think by repeating an object several times it gets better, or making it big improves it. There were some lovely drawings in the main pavilion in the gardens by Ciprian Muresan. In the Arsenale there were many works with fabric, maybe it's me but it was a craft show. And the greatest failure but to be expected was Damian Hirst, "Treasures from the wreck of the unbelievable" the title worked but the work did not. Apparently he put himself away for 10 years to produce he work, spending millions l would say on it. He should have stayed inside and just given the money to charity. I would suggest the best thing to do at the end of the Bienalle is to dump it all in the lagoon of Venice and let future generations discover it and make up their minds. There is a Guston show on that is a Guston show but includes a video of him being interviewed which made me look at the work and him differently, he definetly was a great painter and understood paint. But don't not go to Venice as there are the Tintoretto 's , Bellini's and the churches and lagoons to wonder at. Venice to me is the greatest city on earth, or in this case water, and everyone should go, but a suggestion to the Americans don't just look at the pigeons in Saint Marks square. And please don't talk when looking at great art as it always sounds bad.