My entry for #teambackpack #8bars #week4 #hiphop #Acapella #challenge. i came in this rap ish, to save lives

    cant say why, everytime i take the stage

    cats take dives, now im seeing more bodies

    than the er at saint ives

    ya see art can take lives

    wit that thought can taint live

    so watch what you listen to

    even time waisted,  take time

    with each waisted line

    you 10 secs closer to flat line

    me i take time

    fold it up in a bottle

    n kick in then throttle

    hit 88 miles a hour (back to the future speed)

    go back to 85 (year Marty traveled from)

    hitchcok marshall in the shower (Norman Bates reference)

    n show the greatest to ever do it

    how i embody n bottle power (religions believe per in blood)

    this video only 30 seconds,

    so if ya give me a hour

    ill change the state of hip hop

    fsster then the mind of 11 year old

    kid after seeing nikki in shower

    Please check out my #week5 #8bars submission. #Teambackpack Getting some really great feedback on my music. I want you opinion more than your likes ;) Just realized I buried my video below pictures etc. So hoping this makes it easier.