Now ima give it a minute cuz I've been sinnin for spinach

    No Popeyes when I pop eyes

    Comin in with locked eyes

    I don't remember you from way back how could I cut ties

    No lies from hi to bye

    Dubai to Thai I can't understand why you tying that noose guess somethin in that brain was loose

    I can't remember the last time you chucked a deuce

    Got a plethora of regret around my neck

    Stressin about whats comin next

    Invest a little to get my breath to tremble when I write this riddle I'll engulf this fiddle my arms to brittle dead crawl emotional cripple just trying to chisel my way out of my own box

    Jumping off my own dock

    To get to my destination

    My rock is a substitute for God's placement in my life

    No goodbyes around me

    You're non existent if you crossed me

    Tossed heat, threw shade, no aide

    Blue Suede

    I was made to birth competition