8bar contest #8bars #tbp

    Here's the #lyrics for my #week5 just in case it was a little fast. 

    This is vocal insanity dirtier then your Ex's yeast infection while she screaming put profanity.  try na make it to the top, so I'm zooming like a bullet while you consume it this is a head shot make your body rock that trigger yea I pulled it now your minds blown . I'm try na kill all these fag swag clones. we're all originals you don't know what it means to be an individual,  I'm here to be that slap that puts together your residuals change needs to start mental before it can be visual. shut the fuck up with that preaching I'm tryna throw out some anarchy while these motherfucker stay reaching tryna grab it I'm a stab em yea evil is a habit gotta whip out my dick and let a bitch hop on like a rabbit, but that's a vegetarian she needs to eat my meat. I'm serving out that bratwurst hating niggas stop trying to compete.  I'm in these streets like I'm posed to fuck with me I'm going postal you'll get rolled up on and smoked your body yea I'll roast you, like them roaches them roaches will approach you. No remains life's a game clinically insane. brain twisted and chaotic fucking hurricane. the turn up is real motherfucker tell me it aint.

    It's pretty basic but I wrote it like 4 year's ago so lol #8bars #week5 #teambackpack #tbp @teambackpack #tbpauditions #8barchallenge #followforfollow #showlovetogetlove #8app #wheresthelove #followforfollow #hiphop #hustle #rap #fadead #fadeadbars #oldschool #high Check Out the videos please 😆