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    It has come to my recent attention that it is asserted that my son is a member of the prison gang European Kindred, which is classified as a White Supremacy Group.

    I was unaware of this being asserted and he is not a member of said prison gang. He has friends of numerous faiths and races despite the segregation of prison culture.

    It is further asserted that he was a member of EK at the time of the crime and that the crime was a hate crime done at the behest of EK. This is false. The crime was not racially motivated. It was not charged in any capacity as a hate crime. Anyone asserting such a claim would be doing so without verifying the material facts of the case.

    When my son first went to county jail he converted to Islam. Some of his best friends were people of color.

    When he went to prison he was a young high profile inmate whose victim was a woman of color. There were the gangs that targeted him to recruit him or those who targeted him to assault him for prestige. There was no middle ground.

    He converted to Odinism and began to express views I found repulsive in the name of protection from sexual predators and those gangs who were targeting him.

    By the time he tattooed the lightning bolts on his face and was talking about Uncle Adolf? I stopped communicating with him.

    After having visited him twice a week for several years without fail even if I was ill? I did not talk to him or write to him for two years. I could not condone his conduct.

    I am uncertain if he refused gang overtures or if he walked away. I only know he advised me years ago, he was tagged as a member but that he was not a member. He had taken my advice to avoid gangs at all cost facing life in prison. He became friends with lifers and inmates using their time to improve themselves.

    The tattoo incident almost created a riot in the yard. He had several people attempt to assault him and kill him, he got in numerous fights. He ended up in solitary confinement in both the hole and IMU for over five years. He had huge fines which he paid off himself as I refused to put money on his books to pay his fines.

    He got therapy, a high school diploma with honors, he completed anger management classes and other courses and converted to Judaism.

    He is currently in honors housing, I hear from inmates, staff, and the warden that he is an amazing person and I have every right to be proud of him. He has changed tremendously and takes every opportunity he can to give back to others. He would do whatever it took to keep another young man from ending up in prison.

    I do not now, nor have I ever condoned racism, intolerance due to sexual preference, or any other type of discrimination.

    I can assure everyone that if I had been aware that individuals were asserting he was a gang member as fact I would have acted immediately as such assertions may sell publications but can prove lethal to those being written about.

    There is a book out about the case which was published soon after my son’s sentencing. It is asserted that I worked for the Dallas Police Department in Dallas, Texas by the author. I was an officer for the Dallas, Oregon Police Department.   This correction on my part is to avoid any confusion.

    I cannot in good conscience remain silent in the face of this assertion despite the potential threat to my own personal safety or that of my son.

    It is time for us to see beyond external factors to find the humanity we all share to extend the love to one another we all seek.

    I will in no way be used to promote a message of hate, and I am confident that my son would feel the same. I will not be intimidated or threatened into silence.

    Wonderland Prison Art project is about unity for all inmates and bridging the gap, not fanning the flames of violence and division. All inmates and inmate families deserve dignity, respect, and love.

    We are one human family.


    Kelley White

    #blacklivesmatter #alllivesmatter