Yeah you know I have a lot of foes

    I could drop a few probably through

    Alley-ooping Allie's through my Avenue

    Please come elaborate these laborious

    I'm Stockton if I passed assist

    Coming to kill you with the cunning of like canibus or passionate

    Far less rational than fashionist

    And fashionistas you all know my Bomb Batista

    No control I just delete you

    You don't get a shift because with no alt I still defeat you

    You're a square I'm a octagon that means

    There's eight more sides when there's weapons drawn

    If you are trying angles then your life gets mangled

    Cuz do circles don't want to come rectangle

    Don't get left when you're trying to make right angles

    Cuz 90 degrees is still half past me

    I'm living till my life hits a 180

    It's a natural disaster if you don't come pay me

    Your water is privatized

    so if you don't come make a compromise

    Then you population will change in size

    In all of my people will rise