David and I met in March of 2013. We got engaged in March of 2017. We are getting married in February of 2018. This picture was taken in August of 2015. Over the years I’ve learned lots of lessons in life and love. I’ve learned it’s faster to put your clothes directly in the hamper than on the floor and then the hamper. I’ve learned leaving egg salad out can attract ants. I’ve learned how to repair after a big, ugly fight. I’m reading Kelly Corrigan’s book, Tell Me More, which is about life, love, and the twelve phrases that strengthen and sustain our relationships. In one of the chapters Kelly tackles the power of the phrase, “tell me more.” In my own life, the most powerful phrases have been “I’m sorry” and “I accept your apology” with “do you accept my apology?” as a close third. What phrases do you use to keep the close relationships strong in your life? #TellMeMore #ad #RandomHouse #ad