#8bars #week10 @teambackpack

    Going all out/
    When Ball out/
    No call out/
    But you stalled out/
    And I'm dropping bombs/
    Like fallout/
    Trynna blow up/
    Till I can't walk through my mall now/
    Study the game/
    so don't be testing me/
    Grinding hard/
    Found the recipe/
    To making that money/
    that's the successipe/
    Addicted to the game/
    Rapping got the best of me/
    Came up/
    I finessed  the streets/
    Workout with that money/
    Doing Billups no Chauncey/
    Taking trips to NYC/
    Now im feelin fancy/
    My girl only a freak for me/
    She real raunchy/
    Got trapped in the game/
    Swear Rapping like jumanji/