8app Lounge will soon be opening the doors!

    1. No politic posting
    2. Be respectful and friendly  (no drama)
    3. This account does not follow anyone
    4. This account will not be used for liking other posts - as soon as this happens the free formula will change.

    5. becoming a member means that you can log in at this account to share a fun post on which everybody is free to comment.

    6. How?
    You are given the code to log in on this account by pm to one of our crew. You must be following the whole crew to be able to get a membership!
    See in the account info who they are.

    You log in. You post the post you like to see in the lounge. You log out again and then you can comment on your post /other posts by comments.

    You have got to stay active here because codes will change regularly!
    We want no inactive members.

    7. You promise (in that chat) not to take advantage of this account in any of the rules above (or the ones that will be added afterwards).

    If you violate the rules you ll be excluded and will not be allowed to get in again.

    Barkeepers keep the freedom to refuse membership or delay it for any reason known by them.

    Don't abuse! Than we'll have a fun place on 8 !