freedom of speech i'm speaking the message of peace i'm not packing a piece i'm packing the words i speak we don't gotta make america great gotta make it peaceful so tell me why in the world are we killing our own people i guess we just don't know what to do when the times get tough instead we just throwing the victim under the bus the grim reaper reaping the souls of the evil so he stay with the black iron, man like don cheadle we ignore the minds of the feeble for minds of the regal that's like dorothy wearing some gold slippers and walking with a beagle or like demoting gun violence and walking with a deagle or representing the united states but shooting down the eagle we not really living just trynna survive we can't tell our kids the truth so we trying to lie we let our heads get big now we flying too high and we know what could happen it's like we are trying to die