This is a 30 second video on the theme 'Where will your ideas take you? Just imagine' for the Global Discovery Program New York 2017.  #monashdiscovery #justimagine

    For me dance is not only a passion but also my inspiration in life. I believe I was lucky enough to get the opportunity and accessibility to learn the art of dance. However, my concern is about the youth who have no access to such privilege. Just imagine, if we could create opportunities for them to learn dance with free of cost through workshops and lessons online and through cable, if they have less access to the internet. Also, I believe that dance is so powerful that it can be a medium of education where dance acts can raise awareness about social issues, violence, religious intolerance and gender equality. Dance has inspired me in life and I believe it can be a medium of inspiration for others too changing their lives to have better health, education and less violence. Learning should have no boundaries. I believe my idea can be a small step to change. 

    By Alisha Pawa