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    Few days ago, I shared a post about UNDERSTANDING. I said, wisdom is important but without proper understanding is still foolishness. You can be wise but still don't understand what you need to apply wisdom to. I also said, one of the killer mental disease of human is "LACK OF UNDERSTANDING". I cap it up by saying, one key factor for practical understanding is, "GENUINE RELATIONSHIPS".

    I was raises by parent who loved each other so much that they were always afraid of loosing each other. Yet, they were cat and dog ��. One thing they lacked was Genuine Relationship".

    Genuine Relationship in life helps you to understand your partner either in business, marriage, ministry etc. When relationship is not genuine, it kills the spirit of understanding. Thus, results are never guaranteed.

    "What you fail to understanding, you fail to apply and fail to be productive". Genuine relationship gives you a pointer as to the DOs and DON'Ts of your partner.

    For anyone or a team to succeed, their must be Genuine Relationship which results to Understanding and that births Team Result. The three Supernatural being (God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit), exercises Genuine Relationship and that is why during creation, when man was to be created, a call was made "Come, let us make man un our own image". Team-Work, Genuine Relationship and Understanding are being put in play towards achieving a specified goal (CREATING A god ON EARTH).

    I wrap it up with this, life without your propose understanding about/of it, keeps you frustrated.

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