Sunset Blvd #cabshots #hollywood

    Exciting months ahead new release Very excited to be almost finished mixing new record ! Yehhhhhhh Look out for me at The Roxy Hotel downstairs at the fabulous Django's. I will be in residency for the summer with a studio set up in a gorgeous Roxy suite. We will invite guests to record and perform and hopefully have a live cam to access studio when we're residence 😂 anyway so bloody looking forward to a fabulous summer of creativity and mixing, meeting, introducing a whole new way of working and playing. There will Roxy World Radio, our own weekly podcast interview and Iive music . There will be screenings and exhibitions and Timewarp theme balls. We're going to attempt to make a little history here. The Roxy Hotel is very forward thinking in their artists residencies, this is the first time a hotel has matched itself with another brand of entertainment deliberately , let's say a more updated Chelsea hotel is what I'm aiming for. We will mix, art, film, and music music in a constantly changing and transient atmosphere which always keeps energy flowing. The artists will bring a wonderful new feeling of fun and joy something that doesn't exist in even the most expensive hotel in the world. Everyone always feels intimidated and usually tiptoes around scared to look silly or make a wrong move. They will bring life and we hope be inspired to leave a little something behind whether it be a song a painting a DVD of their movie but some piece that was created during their days here. We will build a library and begin to build our own little world in NYC that in 100 years will be the best fun night out for all them aliens trying to figure out what we did to have fun. I can use see them all cozying up in front of their 80 inch glass screen all excited to watch The Roxy sessions for the 90845th time it will be their Rocky Horror sat night We had a wonderful visit from Pam Hogg who had to rush home to London to do her Ted Talk which the Roxy were happy to provide the relaxing atmosphere for her to write the Pam Hogg talk which we will definitly post as part of our historical journey. They had the iconic Lydia Lynch do A few weeks in June and it was such a great atmosphere and success that they have invited her back (11th July for night with Lydia- in fact seeing Lydia and Pam strutt through the lobby clutching their pink champagnes (given out every day at 5pm. )and dressed to kill was a sight to behold Thank You to the Roxy Hotel for having the foresight to start a trend I'm betting million dollars every hotel in NYC is doing by Christmas. Anyway I'll fill you in next week . I'm loving this 8 thing . So beautiful to have colors and fonts and ooooo can't wait to get started in here too. Anyway point of all that was to introduce myself and get to know all you. There's info everywhere on websites interviews etc so I won't babble on about myself. I'm a singer who loves to change colors with every new project. Sometimes I'm howling like a crazy EDM banshee with the brilliant Big Gigantic -our track The little Things was in the brand new trailer for new Empire Season and on the Nike Playlist before it was even out. I'll post later or Emmy will. She's my wonderful student intern who is going to help me stay in touch and post something fab everyday. I love to paint and take photographs so you'll get a lot of my Late night creations. I don't do poetry or animals or food unless I'm in the cake. Umm what else I'm in Telepopmusik a French band who are pretty much early electronic geniuses I think. We had a hit with our first single Breathe .... Believe you know it lollll Then I joined Bluenote and made a record in a Swedish railway station with Nathan Larson, The Things We Do produced by the very talented husband of Nina Persson from the brilliant Cardigans. Anyway blah blah I'm off to have a bath if this actually works I'll buy myself a chocolate watch ! My first real post ! Yours Angela