It’s the new year and we all have several goals we would like to accomplish. This year I really want to work on the way I speak and act towards others. I’m always reminding myself treat others how you would like to be treated. It’s seriously a golden rule that we need to all practice for the rest of our lives. We all can make a positive impact on someone’s life by living by this golden rule. You can show someone you care about them in the most simplest way. Example: Hello? How are you? You look great today! Do you need help? Do you want to go get coffee this week? When you’re respectful and actually show someone you truly care it makes it ten times easier to have a healthy relationship with them but also with yourself. One of my biggest goals in life is to always give my husband the best version of me. Always working towards a stronger and healthier relationship because not only does he deserve that I also do. Life goes by so quickly that we sometimes forget we aren’t promised tomorrow. The time to start a positive life is now and stop taking things for granted. Kelly Corrigan’s new book “Tell Me More” is a must have book that is totally relatable in every way. We all have lost loved ones, it truly hurts to know that you can’t just pick up the phone and have a conversation. The time to react is now start today pick up the phone call your Mom, Husband, Grandma etc. don’t let time and your attitude get in between what’s important in life. Trust the process! @penguinrandomhouse #TellMeMore #PenguinRandomHouse #ad #TellMeMore #ad #RandomHouse #ad