In honor of Valentine's Day being tomorrow, I figured I'd share a funny story with you guys, along with why @mattcraig15 and I dropping everything we had to do last weekend and took a last minute flight to San Francisco. First off, I can't get on a plane without having a book in hand, so I grabbed 'Surprise Me' a witty romantic book by @sophiekinsellawriter from @randomhouse publishing for the plane ride to San Francisco 🌉✈️. It was the perfect book selection for what ended up to be one heck of a weekend 🤭. If you read the blog then you already know that 2018 hit Matt and I like a bag of bricks. Between a flooded apartment and a bumper to bumper car accident within one week, we knew we needed to escape for a long weekend. We decided instead of spending money on Valentine's Day gifts this year, we'd pull our money together and just leave everything for San Francisco. San Francisco is by far one of my favorite cities but it was actually @mattcraig15 first time in the city, and we were ready for an adventure, with our three-day trolley passes in hand 🚃🙌🏼. I spent the night before packing my finest Valentine's Day dresses and @mattcraig15 even went as far as to surprise me with a new pink dress for the trip, but after our luggage got stolen on the first day while out shooting blog photos, we couldn't help but laugh. We ended up sending the rest of our trip in San Francisco touring the city in the only clothes we had left, our Patriots gear and pajamas. They say bad things happen in three, but nothing, not even our luggage being stolen could have ruined our spontaneous adventure to San Francisco. Anyway, after a wonderful stay at @tajcampton in Union Square, we made it back to Dallas this week with two fewer bags and a few new books ❤️😂. #ad #Surpriseme #RandomHouse 📸: @inna.elsie #sfblogger Location: Taj Campton Place #ad #SurpriseMe #RandomHouse #ad