"Tell about myself?", was my first response, when a friend asked me to introduce myself, when I had my first version of  on the internet. "It's all about  - not about me!" Well, I can say now, that my modesty let me response like this, but then in one time the effect will be gone :-) Okay, when I have to - visitors of this website may want to know who it is, who made it.
    Then I repeat a part of what I wrote before this 5th edition about myself. Actually I bear in mind, to write a new sort of novel, a 'plant-novel' let's call it a 'love-novel' between me and plants like  . But which publisher would be interested in it? And which audience of readers? We will see what happens. And if I will have enough energy to write it. For the time being - this website will be enough. Later, may be later