Who Is He:

    His strength is immeasurable 

    His eyes are skeptical and his body has its own feng shui 

    His hair is black, his shoulders heavy 

    His legs and calves are strong from the hustle of the day-to-day but most of all his mind is defeated from humiliation

    Who is he

    Your hardwood or your red carpet

    Either way you got him spread often

    Broke and unemployed in da bread office

    Face skinny like He ain't fed often 

    But really it's da henny, blunts and da stress talking cause he don't know who he is

    In job interviews trynna tell him who he is

    While his community in his ear sayin tell it like it is

    On da job he be sweating like Tom in da fourth quarter

    The beads fall from his face 

    Fighting the world order dat condemns, bans, ridicules and shuns his expressions

    Everyday in the mirror scrubbing his imperfections 

    Cause he don't like who he is

    He just want a break like da white man

    Keep his family safe like the white man

    Talk to cops keep his life span

    Live the nicest, pay the same prices

    But we don't get the same loans or use the same devices 

    Equality is discovered within the fountain of youth

    But we still haven't uncovered the fountain

    Leaky faucets drop with black excellence 

    While the news show the exodus of the black president 

    Then incomes the Jesuit wit a lack of precedence

    Attacks without evidence 

    I pray for the Muslims and lesbians 

    I don't think he likes who he is

    If you ain't caught it yet I'm describing the men that are forsaken

    The gods, kings, the cradle of civilization 

    Characterized by the Melanin of 11 generations

    Impervious to heat the sun we become its iteration

    Descended from the heavens but under renovation

    Who is he

    The black male, your demonstration.