Thanks for watching my application for the very exciting Monash Global Discovery Program 2017 to New York City! #monashdiscovery #justminagine My name is Rebecca Jaffe I am a third year Arts/Law student at Monash University. I would absolutely love the opportunity to meet and learn from inspirational changemakers who have contributed to the world in so many incredible ways and hopefully share my ideas of how to make the world a better place. When I initially heard about this amazing program, an idea jumped straight into my head. I've always thought that having an idea is comparable to going for a run in so many different ways, so I thought why not make a super aesthetic running montage to hopefully secure myself a ticket to New York. However, mid-way through the filming process I tore the ligaments in my ankle during my first AFL match for the Monash Blues, meaning my running idea was over. As horrible as the situation was, it only made me more determined to get back on my feet (pun intended) and persist with making the video. Life throws us all obstacles now and then, but I believe it's how you respond to them and adapt your ideas that will enable you to be the best possible version of yourself, and hopefully one day change the world!