I'm a cynical Lyrical personal Individual Trying to touch God with my words And become spiritual But my sins devour my soul So I become a cannibal But I don't go down on all fours And become a straight animal Cause see I wanna keep some of my humanity Some of my sanity But it seems so difficult In this type of reality So I want to live in a fantasy I want to live like true kings and queens That we all are I want to shine bright In the night Like a shooting star I want to feel so close But yet so far I want to go far In a car Or maybe blast off to Mars This is my true passion My inspiration My motivation My determination Hopefully I can reach the top soon Maybe with a new sensation I really hope I do Because the clock is ticking And I don't feel like waiting

    What I got lyrics I got bars Talking killer rhymes My lyrics should be a damn crime Cause I'm spitting words like they bullets And going for the mind Headshot This is what I got And I won't ever stop I'll keep going Keep flowing Keep killing Until I reach the top Or maybe until I reach the stars Because you know I'm going far Understand my lyrical knowledge When I go and spit these bars This is what I got It's not hobby It's a passion Cause when I grab the mic And spit the words There's an attraction I can't stop loving my rhyme scheme It's a part of me And you can't take it away from me I've been doing this since I was 3 Now I'm 17 in 2016 Feeling like a beast Hungry for success And starving to achieve This is what I got Like a detective I found my way Now spitting my clues on many levels Like 50 shades of gray All day Man every day You know I'm making my way You know I'm killing the game Because I'm spitting this way This is what i got Never stop Not in my vocabulary Reason is because I keep it moving I ain't stationary got that visionary Dictionary You know it's getting scary Like a mercenary Spraying bodies Fill up them cemeteries This is what I got The whole world in my 2 hands Understand Rocking everything Like a new brand Oh man Coming for the touchdown Crash land Shooting up these damn phycos Call it Borderlands That's the firsthand The secondhand Is a back hand To your front hand Understand It's a freehand Offhand It's my demand To have my own land A new homeland For my home On the mainland Have it all planned Expand But beforehand Let me finish this Like its my last stand Or my last hand All in Hopefully I win It's my last chance So I put it all down Like its contraband This is what I got

    Game flow lyrics I have a lyrical mind set And when my mind sets Then my minds set You can't reset My mind set Not just yet You wanna try bet Because I spit lyrics like a machine gun Spraying until I go on empty Shooting anybody that try's to stop me Taking down all of my enemies Call that call of duty Or maybe call my lyrics crash bandicoot Because sometimes I spit sweet melodies like wampa fruit Ain't that cute Or maybe I could drive around you with my lyrics Because I have the need for speed Hit you from above and vanish in a second Now that's true assassins creed But I kill with my words like Jack the Ripper So it's more like syndicate Not revelations or black flag But I had to pause and reset Because of that lag But when I come back I'm a throw you on your back Pin you down and win Then give you a smack That's a smack down for a fact Or even better I could rob your car and get chased by the cops You already know Get charged five times of grand theft auto When the judge asked me why I did it I'll just say Just cause I'll pay the fine Get my guns And go back to the way it was Or maybe I could kill zombies Before the light dies on me Beat up bardock in the xenoverse With my boy broly Or meet up with codsworth and blow up the institute Then sleep off the radiation at sanctuary See what I'm saying I ain't playing I'm a trip you over and stab you with my sword Because this is Tekken But if you want to settle this fight in the streets We could have five rounds I'll beat you down and get the crown I'm laughing now You look like a clown I could call you joker But you ain't so serious You delirious Are you hearing this Now I'm getting pissed So get over here Let me throw my spear at you And rip off your ears So you can't hear this devastation Hit you with that fatality By ripping an x through your body Cause this is mortal kombat And I'm about to catch a body Because you know I got that dark ego But I soon found the light With this precursor by my side So now everything is going slow But now let me speed this up and beat you in a race in the wastelands Or maybe I could plug in the guitar And beat you in rock band Oh man But let's get back to the racing And go crazy Because I got a ATV I'm about to go off-road with this fury Cause I'm about to hit you with that blue shell Cause you in first place And I'm in eighth place And you just fell off the rainbow road So now you in fifth place And I'm in third place But if you hate this Then we can smash this bro I'll pick charizard and you pick Mario Oh no I just got the smash ball Now it's time to mega evolve And time for you to dissolve I win Can't you see I'm in sync with these games It's like me and kurama The perfect storm is here Or it's more like me taming a cave bear Isn't it clear I'm an animal More primal than normal Slaughtering udam with only a bow and arrow Then I steal their riches Because this is uncharted But it's my last voyage So I have to make it count Cause it's my final voyage So I might need some help Might need some unity When I'm hitting this battlefield I need a sniper who's elite And maybe a gugernaut who's armed to the teeth Cause now we taking this battle to planet side So don't try to hide Pick between the classes And then pick your side But remember this If you sticking with me Then you might become infamous Based on the actions that we do Or you can go against me And become the dup The choice is yours What you wanna do What you wanna play Wanna throw the ball around and win the Super Bowl Or maybe just dunk it in 2k Or scream goal in Fifa Or hit that hole in one in pga So many games So many choices So many characters So many voices But this hill is supposed to be silent When there's actually more evil within this resident It's way more violent But bring it on Put the difficulty on expert I'll get every single achievement By putting in maximum effort

    This world is full of death No life We can't escape it The only thing that we can do now Is try to survive it But people can't take it So what they do They load up that gun Say their good byes Put the gun to their head and cry Some people go ahead and pull the trigger End it now Some other people Don't do it And cry their eyes out This the type of world that we living in We can't figure it out The only thing that we can do now Is just scream and shout Hopefully in the near future there can be a change But right now We like pieces in a puzzle rearrange And we just try to make it fit in reality But actually It's impossible We lost our humanity And we all searching for it In this broken place While demons roaming the world Their called the human race Yes we are all demons inside Sins are what we live by And we never slowing down We picking up the pace With corrupted people Devoured by their own power Their own thoughts Their own dreams Selfish desires Their own dark twisted vision on things That can make a huge ball of fire Burn anything This is hell Couldn't you tell I knew since I was twelve When I was seven I learned about heaven And angels living well But soon after I learned the truth It ain't well When people die They don't fly And this is the reason why Because their Wings break and shatter Blood soon splatters All over the sidewalk Heads on a silver platter For these demon eaters Don't say grace Because we evil sinners So we just eat innocent souls Because it's time for dinner So goodbye Please don't cry It's time for me to fly Time for me to go sky high And find the reason why Why the world is so bad and dark And maybe find the spark Then light it up real fast Before my soul falls apart