I'm going to be completely vulnerable here. This is a completely raw picture I took in my bathroom of myself. This picture has absolutely no makeup on me and no retouch on my skin or body. This is who I am, behind all the retouched photos you guys see of me on my profile this is the real girl under all that. I get a lot of compliments on my professional photos of how beautiful you guys think I am, but that's not the real me. The real me has pimples, bags under my eyes, messy hair, cellulite on my legs, flabby arms, and so much more. But this is what makes a woman beautiful. I wish more girls would embrace their so called "flaws" and show the world how beautiful it is to be human! I'm learning to love myself naturally, from my size, to my face. I may not be a sample size model, or a big time model, but I know I will make an impact on girls all over the world one day to love themselves the way they are. I hope that me being vulnerable will help you guys be raw and embrace who you are as well 🖤

    My rant for this night, I want to start by saying how amazing my life has been. I've been given so many amazing opportunities that not many people get offered. I love the life I'm living. On some days I do feel discouraged and down about myself. Sometimes you see people doing more than you, people doing better, and at that moment I think to myself "man am I really doing as good as I think I'm doing?" People tell me a lot of criticism such as: "Don't slouch" "Stop eating" "Lose a couple pounds" "Why do you wear so much makeup" "You're not tall enough" "You're not small enough" "I would use you but I don't cater to that size" "Stop lining your lips" "Tone down your makeup" So many comments I remember that makes me want to convert to the way society wants me to be. But then I remember I am so beautiful, I am proud of myself. Every single girl in the world should love the person they are, as they are in their happiest state. Do not change for anyone. Modeling has been difficult at times because of my height and weight. I went through a phase where I would only eat about 1,000 calories a day and I would run until I burned those 1,000 calories off. I was practically killing myself. My happiness was torn away from me. I finally decided to be who I am naturally, a girl who loves food, a girl who weighs 132 pounds, and a girl who can still rock it on the runway and at photo shoots. This is for everyone woman out there who doesn't have the confidence in herself, believe in you. Be you, and be happy don't let anything make you change. You're beautiful as you are.