Monash Global Discovery Program 2017 ~ New York City ~  As an architecture student with many creative interests, I am always observing my environment and how it may affect my state of mind and the lives of others. The built environment plays a highly influential role in contemporary lifestyles and I am intrigued by its potential to shape and enhance the functioning of modern life. The creative arts inspire me and I feel that the experiences they deliver are vital in such a fast-paced environment - a breath of fresh air. The potential in merging spatial design with the creative arts excites me – the possibilities to enhance the quality of life seem endless. Opportunities to develop the spaces we inhabit are ever-present. I believe that well-considered design can improve the quality of day-to-day life, and also contribute towards a sustainable future and address the needs of a rapidly advancing and growing society. New York City is a globally recognised design hub and an iconic city that I would love to visit, particularly with my developing architectural awareness. I believe the Global Discovery Program would provide an exceptional learning experience for me. It would also be a very valuable opportunity to share and develop my ideas with like-minded and supportive people. #MonashDiscovery #JustImagine **All audio, visual and text components of this video are my own original work. **