Hi everyone! I'm Carol and here's my video for the Global Discovery Program. Enjoy!


    Someday imma change the world 

    There's many small ways to change the world around me 

    It starts with a vision and a heart 

    I'll get my law degree and alleviate things 

    Like child labour and human trafficking 

    And build some centres for rehabilitation 

    Cause some day imma change the world 

    Some personal background:

    During my gap year, I travelled to India for a mission trip, where I stumbled across a rock quarry in the slums of Siliguri. Young girls would spend their entire day smashing rocks into rubble with a heavy stone, only to be paid the minimal wages of an American dollar. Young girls their age should be in school, getting an education -- not subject to child labour. I played the guitar and sang to them, providing them with momentary joy, but their lives continued the next day. I hope to someday make a change in the human trafficking industry. To impose justice upon these corrupt, giant organisations; to implement enforceable laws governing human trafficking; to provide proper rehabilitation for victims of exploitation.

    Here's where it gets technical:

    Currently, the International Court of Justice is the most powerful court internationally, and the decisions made by the Court are technically enforceable. However, decisions regarding human rights are yet to be made, and the reality is that many countries -- including Australia -- are still in breach of a shocking number of human rights. I would love to be a part of the brainstorming process with governments, policy makers, and global organisations to come up with new strategies to make significant changes in domestic legislation and laws. I am a strong believer that the biggest change comes domestically. All these international courts and covenants mean well, but if the State itself takes no action, human rights will continue to be violated. Hence, I believe change starts with working hand in hand with States and supporting them in altering and tightening their laws.