I literally cannot wait to read Surprise Me by @sophiekinsellawriter!! I have heard so many great things about Sophie Kinsella’s books so I was so excited to see that @randomhouse sent me a copy of Surprise Me because I mean, look at that cover and who does not love a good love story 😍 #ad #surpriseme #randomhouse speaking of, I feel like I never really share personal stories on here so I’ll just quickly share one and if you look at the photo in this photo you will see that there may or may not be a very special person in my life in those photos. what i love/appreciate most about them is that I know he will always be there for me because he has proven to do so, so many times. I know he will see this post so hi, i just wanted to let you know that i love and appreciate you so so much 😌 I genuinely feel like if we never met, I’d be a mess all the time and not nearly as happy as I am now knowing that I have someone who I can talk to about anything and won’t judge me for being myself. #ad #SurpriseMe #RandomHouse #ad