Nothing makes me happier than a good book, with good writing style and a story or stories that make you realize you are not alone in this messy thing called life, such is the case with @kellycorrigan’s “Tell Me More” book, where she shares 12 things she’s learning to say to sustain her relationships, something we can all relate too. . . After reading her book, I realize that, we all experience all these feelings and produce the same thoughts about life, just in our own way and time. We go through life trying to figure out how to maintain relationships that matter to us. Have a really hard time saying goodbye to those we love, loosing someone will never be an easy thing for us, it’s gut wrenching, quite frankly and Kelly lets us know, we are not alone on all of this. I have gone through life doing and feeling the same, at times I can be really good about it and other times, where I’ve failed majorly, there was two phrases that really struck a note, it was something that Will the meditation guy said in one of the chapters, he said “it’s like this” and how Kelly made sense of it is “This is the way it is, up and down, good and bad, so don’t worry because it’s like this for everyone and it’s supposed to be,” that was actually very therapeutic for me, such an easy concept but we forget at times we all go through the same struggles, but we often times feel like we are at it alone, but we are not, certainly not. It helps to know that and it strengthens our relationships subconsciously at the same time, because we feel more connected to each other knowing we share experiences. Isn’t it true? . . The other phrase that struck me were Kelly says she learned to say “I’m Wrong” instead of “I’m sorry,” in order to be more clear in her intentions, that was eye opening for me, I had never thought it but it made so much sense, it changed my frame of thought and from this point forward, I’ll be using that phrase over the other, because let’s face it when you say your sorry, it sometimes just means “I’m saying it so that we can stop arguing, but not because I really mean it,” something I’ve been guilty of! I’ve had this for sometime now and I really need to use it with real meaning so that the intention is real and in return it will strengthen my relationships, because as they say, nothing worth having, comes easy. Highly recommend you read this book if you’re a fan of life stories, Kelly has a way of writing stories that make you connect to them. So tell me, what is your one phrase you use to help you strengthen your relationships? . . . #CSxEreads CSxE #TellMeMore #ad #RandomHouse #ad