Monash Global Discovery Program New York City 2017

    Uploaded by Chloe Fakhri on 2017-04-04.

    Just imagine... a world that was racially, socially and culturally equal and free from all bias. Everyday individuals would have more opportunities in the job sector, more opportunities to increase their living standards based on work ethic, the ability to travel more and broaden their professional and social network and to increase their level of culture and world experiences. All individuals would have the same access to education, and access to a variety of entertainment that the world has to offer, including dance, music and literature. People would not be judged on their personal choices, religion, status, wealth or any other factors that often divide society. Culture would be embraced more and people would live peacefully knowing they are promoting an idea of a global nation state that values freedom, peace, democracy and tolerance for all. 

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