I'm sorry! What is it you want me to say? I smoke pot. I'm confused and i don't know what to do anymore. I lost something but i don't know what it is but I feel it, something missing. I feel no hatred towards anything. When the point comes, when everyone thinks that I can do anything, when its possible, I'm stuck in a rut. I'm just clueless. What the *$%# was the question?

    Where am I in my little world? No where, because that was then, when i was a kid but now I'm older, wiser, have more responsibilities, and love to live wild. Oh im also lazy. It sux, life that is, but hey I aint trying to be a little bitch, not something vulgur. I just try to be me. I hate something, now i do hate now. I hate well ...i cant say it or it might be used against me smile emoticon Have you ever had a life or death situation? I have, everyday. Well thats how it feels. But i live in a big cloud of (cough cough) smoke. Yay! what a life. Hey! I said i was sorry, atleast i know what I am, you dont have to keep on smashing it in my face. Oh I'm an also a fuck up, loser, big brother, 2nd year senior,oldest of four, son of two parents, and try to be a good person but I love alot of the bad things. Now what I can do is be me, but how? Hey i figured out what I lost! My heart, love, something like that plus more.

    -sincerly, SHIT! 

    just something i wrote a long time ago