There are 11 years between us. We have never been in the same stage of life and growing up I didn’t think we would ever be friends. Our relationship was not the typical best friend since birth relationship. It took years to strengthen and sustain. In Tell Me More a book by Kelly Corrigan she talks about how relationships that seem like they would be easy are actually years worth of a 💩 ton of work. In this book she shows how asking questions and putting yourself in their shoes when someone is upset works wonders for your relationship. @amandabohlander is one of the best people at doing that. My big sister has put in the work with me and always asks me more so that she can understand where I am coming from. Now she is one of my very best friends and she knows me better than anyone. She is the one I go to when I am most upset and the one I go to when I am most excited. Working for our relationship is an everyday thing but an 11 year age difference has nothing on us 💕 #TellMeMore PenguinRandomHouse #ad #TellMeMore #ad #RandomHouse #ad