DAVID BOWIE: GLAMOUR FANZINE - GET INVOLVED “Me, I’m fresh on your pages...” Many of you will have already been enjoying Issue #1 of Andy Jones and Nick Smart’s #davidbowieglam*, with its striking #helengreeen cover based on one of Sukita’s delicious 1973 Bowie portraits.
    The fanzine is beautifully designed by Milky Cereal and the equally delightful Issue #2, is due any day now.
    The publication boasts exclusive and original content contributed by Bowie fans and collaborators... ISSUE 1: Contributors include:
    Carlos Alomar, Sophia Anne Caruso, Mike Garson, Mark Paytress, Suzi Ronson, Martin Samuel, James Stevenson, George Underwood, Alex Walton and Woody Woodmansey.
    ISSUE 2: Contributors include:
    Carlos Alomar, Philippe Auliac, Dylan Jones, Liz Kershaw, Jessica Lee Morgan, Terry O’Neill, Nicholas Pegg and Tony Visconti.
    Each edition includes an A3 poster of Helen Green’s cover art and features contributions from Bowie fans, and this is where you come in.
    Visit the David Bowie: Glamour fanzine site to submit contributions for Issue #3 and much more:
    Hallo #_.erinleigh._ J *We are duty-bound to point out that David Bowie: Glamour is not an official publication.