1/20/18 “i know it may be impossible to believe now, when everything is dark and broken, but you will survive this pain, little one. pain is a memory. you will live and you will struggle and you will find joy.“ - pierce brown, iron gold _______________________________________________________ if i haven’t reminded you enough in the past week, IRON GOLD IS OUT IN THE WORLD!! the red rising trilogy became one of my fave series when i finished it in 2016, but with the addition of iron gold, pierce brown has created one of the best books i have ever read. it was brilliant and brutal and heartbreaking. but above the tears, it was so amazingly well done that i don’t know how i will continue my life normally. so instead of moving on, i’m recruiting you all! read these books! bask in the brilliance of this series! become a howler! then come talk to me about it naturally! _______________________________________________________ a million bloodydamn thanks to @penguinrandomhouse for not only sending me this book early, but also sending some amazing iron gold swag as well! i loved being able to visualize all the different POVs with this poster while i was reading, it made the experience even better! 🐺 #PierceBrown #IronGold #ad #ad