What inspires me? To inspire others. I don’t have noble ideas to solve world poverty, to cure terminal diseases, to create a new form of sustainable energy, to fight for the rights of the minorities or to save endangered animals. At least not a clear one at the moment. But I have a desire to challenge my own limits and to encourage others to do the same too. Where will my ideas take me? A world where we all believe that we can achieve anything we want. A world where we all have the courage to wake up every single day and do whatever work that brings meaning and happiness to us. A world where there is no Monday blues and no one no longer looks forward to Friday for happiness. A world where we all cherish our limited time on this planet and live life to the fullest so that we can leave this world without regret. This is my vision. A vision that will take time and collective effort. Consider this video as one of my beginning steps. #monashdiscovery #justimagine