While all relationships are important, the most important one I’ve had to work on is the relationship I have with myself. Like a lot of us I can be so hard on myself. Never giving myself a break, telling myself I’m not good enough for certain things. But lately I’ve finally just let myself be. I’m human. I make mistakes. As messy and emotional as I can be, it’s okay to feel things at the breakneck speed that I do. As cheesy as the saying is, you do really have to love yourself first before you love anyone else. Kelly Corrigan’s “Tell Me More” is SUCH a wonderful read on some of the most difficult things to say in life, and her chapter on “I Love You” really resonated. With the start of the new year, I made a promise to myself that not only would I work on be a better, more loving friend and daughter, I would be more loving to myself. ❤️ #TellMeMore #ad #RandomHouse #ad