I'm passionate about trying to get people to realise that physical activity doesn't have to be boring and a chore. I want people to understand that moving your body is the most liberating thing you could do for yourself. You discover what your body and mind are capable of, your productivity goes through the roof and you get to see and do things that make you live in the now. 

    In a day and age where technology is taking over our lives, we are spending more and more time on our bums and less and less time on our feet and embracing movement! I'm not talking about going to the gym, i want people to start walking 1km to the shops rather than driving, to get up early and walk while the sun is rising, to ride to the train station and leave the car at home, to go hiking not he weekends rather than bing watching netflix. I want people to get in touch with their bodies and get fit and healthy by doing so! Particularly i want to encourage teenagers to be active, to reduce the stigma that is attached to getting sweaty and moving your body ! 

    I want to inspire people to MOVE, to eat from the earth and to embrace the body and the mind that they have!

    I aspire to lobby our policy makers to encourage and facilitate this. To widen Bike lanes, to put build more parks, to stop misleading the public with ill designed food labelling and 'star ratings' that promote the intake of packaged foods, just because of industry funding. There needs to be a culling of a lot of bull shit information and an uprising of new innovative and factual public campaining and it needs to happen NOW !