I believe I'm an agent of positive change because I consider myself to be a thriver. I thrive on creativity, art, dance, vibes and connections with others. I'm a strong supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness since my mother fought for her life from 2008-2015. She's a survivor-- but so is my father. He served in the military for 30 years & survived having 2 brain aneurysms. I was raised by warriors and I strongly believe that I am the woman today because of their loyalty, passion, bravery, and compassion. I've been blessed to be invited to become an influencer for Social Native, Rocksbox Jewelry, and TruSelf Organics. I've always been a huge social media guru that's devoted to making connections with various social media community members. My blog site at was created to set as a creative outlet for me to share beauty, makeup, and lifestyle tips. I hope to inspire others through my writing. With my life and family experiences, I've learned a great deal of surrounding myself with positive energy and people. I believe with my positive attitude, hard work ethic, and passion for creativity makes me a strong agent of positive change. #AgentForChange