"Imagination. We are all born with it. My name is Hlobisile Moshaba and I come from a family of hard workers who did not let the circumstances of the day limit their imaginations and where the possibilities thereof could take them. My grandmother opened a school for children with limited mental abilities and both my parents are entrepreneurs. My inspiration in life is young children because the symbolise the eternal possibilities of the future. I am a student of criminology and forensic psychology at Monash University. I am in a fortunate position which not many young girls in South Africa can see themselves being placed in. Besides being an avid student I have small business which taps into hunger for nostalgia. In a world where everything is digital, my business makes memories tangible through making tailored photo albums for clients. The business idea intersects digital technology with traditional archival methods that require creativity and authenticity. Coming from a family that values hard work and most importantly education the proceeds from my business are used to help those who inspire me which are young girls. My non-profit project is called "Build A Girl Child" as they are the most vulnerable and most at threat of having their dreams shut down from an early age.I conduct visits to various schools where many of the young girls come from socially and economically disadvantaged homes.I enter into conversations with them, tapping into their imaginations and their dreams,encouraging them through motivational talking and giving them stationary which many of them can not afford.Through it all I emphasize the importance of education and that their imaginations can take them beyond their circumstances. My ideas can take me anywhere, they've taken me into the most established universities, they have taken me into the homes of sentimental beings who appreciated the leather bound albums I made for them but most importantly they have taken me into the hearts and minds of the future of this country;now I am hoping them will take long me to New York where I can improve them to further me in making a difference in young girls lives" #monashdiscovery #justimagine