Wow so I got censorship from this platform again just for giving advice. I'm guessing @8 is another Facebook then right?

    @suefennessy why not get Hillary Clinton and other Democratic/Independent and Green Party politicians or candidates to join on here?

    I made a page for #vintage tv shows, commercials, movies and so on if you want to follow it. Its @vintageshows and you will definitely love what I post on there too. I created this page because I want people to come over to this platform and watch videos on here too and not just on Google's own YouTube. If many people realize that there are alternative social media platforms out there then I believe eventually they will join when its time. So this is why I have a vintage page since many people love old shows and commercials as well 

    The satellite supposedly @spacex and @elonmusk lost was actually a satellite to spy on their own citizens (you know like they do all the time already). SpaceX never lost the satellite and in fact it is still out there, don't be fooled by them #SPACEXEXPOSED