*howls* Howlers!!! Have you gotten your little goblin hands on the long awaited beauty that is #IronGold yet??? If not, why the goryhell not my goodmen??? This series! This SAGA!!! 🖤🐺🖤 When @penguinrandomhouse and @the8app contacted me to help promote the release of Iron Gold by @piercebrownofficial of course I frantically replied “you’re bloodydamn right I do!!!” These books catapulted their way to my top five favorite series EVER the moment I read them. This is a series that will leave you breathless with its action, riled up for its politics, and sobbing for its emotion. These characters, even the ones who we are only acquainted with briefly, carve a place deep in your heart. Be warned, Pierce Brown lives on the tears of his readers so be prepared to have your heart ripped out a few times. But it is a sweet agony and completely worth the pain. If you haven’t read this series I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!! And if you have, GO GET IRON GOLD!!! *howls* ⚔️🐺⚔️ Break the chains!!! #PierceBrown #IronGold #ad #ad